The facts about the thyroid gland. Functions, problems and treatment.

Studies Confirm Fluoridated Water is Linked to Hypothyroidism, Fatigue, Obesity and Depression

More than 12 percent of the U.S. population will develop thyroid disease at some point in their lifetimes, yet many people are unaware that a major risk factor for underactive […]

Four Easy Ways to Improve Your Thyroid Function

If your thyroid isn’t working well, you can improve your thyroid function with diet. Of course, the optimal way to fix any health problem is to eat raw, organic produce. […]

Chamomile Tea Lowers Thyroid Cancer Risk: Study

The tiny, daisy-like flowers from the chamomile plant have long been valued for their medicinal properties. At least as far back as Roman times, chamomile was used in teas and […]